Flightradar live


Flightaware - Flightradar – is a software which allows everyone to track flights online live free and in real time. You don`t have to download any software o app or buy anything else. Only open our site and search your desired flight, or just follow some flights from there point of departure to their destination airport. By clicking on a plane a new window will open which shows you more detailed information about the airplane.



When you go out for a walk and suddenly you see a plane above in the sky. Have you never asked yourself where this plane is coming from and where it will go. Now it`s easy to get those information’s fast, easy and free. Just open flightaware and zoom into your location and immediately you will see the airplane you saw before in the sky.

Now just click on it and you will see the airport of departure, the time the plane started and when it will reach the destination airport, the entire distance in km, the km already traveled and the km which are left. It also shows a photo of the airplane, name of the company and aviator type.



Years ago all the information, Flightaware offers, where only accessible to air traffic controllers. This where the most important informations to coordinate all the traffic on an airport. With all the informations it was possible to keep the airports safe and to avoid accidents. But flightaware doesn`t offer all the informations. Air traffic controller have a complete different radar system and get a lot more information`s.

There are two types of radars:

1) The primary radar system

2) The secondary radar system

The primary radar system is able to recognize everything, for example migratory birds. That`s very important because there were just a lot of accidents where migratory birds got roped into the turbines during the start. It`s also possible to recognize if there is any vehicle one the airstrip. The secondary radar systems communicates threw a transponder with the airplanes and transmits the current location, flying altitude, speed and plane typ. Flightaware uses a different technology. All the planes you can see on the map are equipped with an ADS-B tracker. ADS-B stands for “Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast”. So if an airplane has no ADS-B tracker or has it switch off it will not be shown on the map. But nowadays there aren`t many planes without a tracker, because in most countries it is obligatory to equip all planes with a tracker. The reason is mostly to avoid accidents. To receive the ADS-B signal you don`t need a big radar station like an airport tower, you only need a kind of usb stick with an antenna. Then you only need a laptop to insert the stick and then your able to display a flightradar.